Our biggest cherry. Large size, firm flesh. When picked at the ideal time you can actually hear a crack as you bit into it followed by a burst of sweet cherry flavor. At their peak they are nearly black in color.


75% of our Cherries are CORAL.


Large bunches of smaller more rounded fruit. Bright red when ripe. Ripens about a week after Coral and Brook.


15% of our Cherries are Lapin


Large red cherries. Smaller then Coral but just as firm.


5% of our Cherries are BROOK


Big red berries with a blush of yellow orange. Not the most prolific of our trees, but a very good tasting cherry.


5% of our Cherries are UTAH

Dried CORAL cherries.

1 pound bag of dried CORAL cherries.

Picked at their peak sweetness, pitted and put in the dehydrator that day. It takes about 5 pounds of fresh, ripe cherries to make these 1 pound bags.

  The bag has a built In ziplock seal.

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